About Us

Our History

Saúde Prime – Distribuição e prestação de serviços Lda., is an Angolan company dedicated to the wholesale and distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Born from experience and knowledge, as well as from the needs identified in the Angolan market, Saúde Prime has a strong commitment to foster the country’s development. The company has been connected to Angola’s distinct businesses for several decades already, including the healthcare industry. We have exclusive distribution agreements for Angola with leading multinational companies within the industry, and all of our partners are committed to maintain the quality standards imposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other regulators of the sector.

Our Mission

At Saúde Prime we aim to contribute to the development of the country through economic and social involvement in one of the most important sectors of society, health. We are on a mission to share all of our knowledge, professionalism, and responsibility with the community. We believe that development doesn’t only result from transparent, responsible and successful business performance, but also from the empowerment of all stakeholders: employees, partners, and clients.

Our Vision

We are working towards becoming one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical and medical devices distribution sector in Angola, and a partner of excellence with all those with whom we interact.


Professionalism: Reliability in commitments; responsibility, and integrity in actions; ethics at the corporate and social level; and humility in relationships.

Reliability: Commitment to a prompt and adequate response to employees, partners, and customers.

Social Responsibility: Actions and initiatives with the communities, contributing to the development, qualification, and sustainability.

Continuous Development: Commitment to the training of local staff, and innovation, in order to provide a service of excellence.